Don’t Remove Your Tonsils – Heal Strep With Nutrition!

Doctors prescribe so many tonsillectomies for sore throats that it is now considered totally normal to have part of your throat cut out and removed.

Rather than trying to figure out the cause of these reoccurring infections or working on methods of prevention, the only treatments available for severe infections such as Strep are strong antibiotics and surgery. Modern medicine often assures patients that they don’t need certain parts of their body, such as tonsils, galbladders and the appendix. It’s just like cutting mold off fruits… well kind of. But could they be wrong? And are there other alternative approaches to stop constant sore throats?

Having personally suffered with and reversed chronic strep I can assure you that there are.

So here is why tonsillectomies ruin your immune system, increase your risk of cancer and what you can do instead. If you have already removed yours, or need to as a last resort, don’t worry as you can counteract any side effects by boosting your immune system, which I cover at the end of the article.


The Downsides To Tonsil Removal


1. Tonsillectomies have been associated with increased breast cancer risk

The University of Buffalo thinks tonsillectomies are a bad idea unless there is no other option. In a 2007 study, premenopausal (younger) women were 50% more likely to develop breast cancer if they had their tonsils removed during childhood, than premenopausal women who did not. Another good reason to be mad at your mom and dad! But don’t worry if you did fall victim to tonsil removal – you simply need to make sure you keep your immune system healthy and strong to offset the risk.

2. Tonsil removal has been associated with increased weight gain

The University of Buffalo noted that removing tonsils caused children to become less active than peers and therefore a 13% increase in weight was noticed over a sample of 54 6-12 year olds.

3. Children who did not have tonsils removed were actually sick less

University Medical Centre Utrecht in the Netherland studied 300 children aged 2-8 who were advised to have their tonsils removed. Children whose parents opted to keep the tonsils spent 46% less on healthcare the next year than the children who did. The children who had their tonsils removed also had more fevers, sore throats and respiratory issues. Wait… wasn’t that why we were removing the tonsils in the first place? 

4. Tonsils are actually very useful and produce white blood cells needed by the immune system

So why would removing tonsils make people sicker and increase cancer risk? As it turns out, we really do need them!

Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center recently discovered that T Lymphocyte cells, thought to develop only in the thymus are actually produced in… you guessed it… the tonsils! They found these T cells in 5 stages of development in a specific part of the tonsils, meaning they were being created right there.

T cells are one of two types of white blood cells. White blood cells are the cells responsible for immune responses in the body. They are the body’s stormtroopers, tracking down and removing foreign bodies, cancerous cells, bacteria and viruses. Kind of a big deal. So therefore, removing the tonsils will mean less T- Lymphocyte cells in your system.

Although limited research has been done on tonsillectomies, I would therefore assume that risks would be increased for all cancers, not just breast cancer.


Therefore, removing the tonsils, or any part of the body should be considered as a LAST RESORT ONLY. The good news is, I cured chronic strep and you can too!


Treat Strep Naturally and Boost Your Immune System If You Already Had Your Tonsils Removed


Most people generally only tend to take an interest in their health once they are already sick. So although there are many pages devoted to home remedies for strep throat, (my proven method being fruit and vegetable juice fasting) that’s not what I mean by getting rid of it. I mean not getting sick in the first place. Never getting it again. Yes, it’s possible.

In my story, I mentioned that I was the Queen of Strep. I literally had it every two weeks. I felt helpless, irritated and had no idea that I could take control of my own health. However, it’s now been several years of being strep free and I think I’ve had one cold in 18 months. The key therefore, is to rebuild our body’s immune system rather than removing a crucial part of it.  My issue with medicine is that it only treats symptoms rather than looking at the cause. There is always a cause.

Half measures are fine, your immune system will improve proportionally to the effort you put in. You don’t need to be a vegan or eat like a rabbit to see results.

Reducing STRESS, sleeping more, going to bed at 10, meditation, walks in nature, moderate exercise and surrounding yourself with positive people all benefit the immune system. In fact, laughter has been found to move the lymphatic system which is a crucial part of your immune function.

Avoiding or reducing foods that tax the immune system or use up a larger amount of energy to be digested. Alcohol, coffee, processed sugar, meat, dairy and gluten have all been linked with reduced immune function. FIVE FOODS THAT RUIN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM

The key to health, is to simply treat the above foods as indulgences. There are many articles explaining the science behind it, but you can still eat what you like and improve your immune system by increasing your intake of fruits, greens and vegetables. 


Fruits, greens and vegetables, mostly seen as “not fun” or “rabbit food” are unfortunately 95% of the species appropriate diet for primates, or monkeys, which we not only evolved from, we also have similar DNA, digestive tracts and body chemistry, which is why we test our drugs on them. Captive monkeys denied a diet high in fruits and vegetables actually developed similar health issues to the ones we have which are reversed when greens are increased.

Furthermore, we are constantly hearing that fruits, vegetables and greens contain key vitamins, immune system boosters, antioxidants, phytonutrients and even compounds that fight cancer.

The solution here, is therefore to make sure you increase your intake of fruits, vegetables and greens while moderating the bad stuff. For those who don’t love the idea of living off salads, fruit smoothies, green smoothies (blending fruit such as bananas with greens and water or nut milk which really isn’t as horrific as it sounds – the fruit covers the taste), fresh fruit and vegetable juices are wonderful ways to increase your intake of vital nutrients you are probably deficient in if you are getting sick a lot. There is always a cause. We aren’t meant to be sick constantly.

I have many friends who stopped getting sick just because they added ONE green smoothie to their day! One drink could change your world. Blending the lettuce (such as spinach) releases all the nutrients making it a potent immune booster.



For those who can’t be bothered to juice, most gyms and towns have “juice bars” now which is a great way to boost your immune system. Eat more fruit, especially at breakfast. Put your vodka in orange juice instead of soda. If money is an issue juice watery things like cucumber and celery and eat cheap fruits like apples and bananas. A banana is 19c and a candy bar is $1. Eating healthfully is NOT expensive, that’s just what we tell ourselves. Fruit is incredibly high in Vitamin C which is directly linked with the immune system. A high quality multivitamin may help, but getting nutrients directly from fruits and vegetables is important too. Scientists are still finding new compounds in produce that support health.

If you are interested in totally overhauling your diet, I highly recommend Dr Fuhrman’s Eat To Live program which will kickstart any immune system.

The one supplement that DOES help is Vitamin D. Most of us are deficient no matter what we eat and it is vital for the immune system. D is hard to find in food so be sure to take some.

The key to good health, as always, is prevention. Take control of your health and you will never look back. I also recommend finding a Functional Medicine Doctor (they take insurance and are regular MD’s) who can combine science and nutrition to give you the best health ever.

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