Congratulations on finding this page! Although there is no CURE for autoimmune disease, there is a real way to reduce or eliminate symptoms for little or no cost. Although this is a complex issue and severe cases should ALWAYS be supervised by a coach (I suggest Brooke Goldner MD (healed her own Lupus) or Dr David Klein (healed his own Ulcerative Colitis) ) I know many of you just want to jump in and do it on your own, which is why I am writing a guide.

I included DEPRESSION as many people in the support group I run have found relief using this plan also. However depression is a more complex issue and a combination of diet, supplements discussed below, positive life changes, exercise, someone to talk to and Louise Hay’s books may also be beneficial.


First up, you MUST READ:

1. My article on Arthritis. It covers the links between diet/autoimmune diseases AND the science behind it, courtesy of Dr Fuhrman. It’s super important to understand how this works so you can commit to trying it.


2. Either 80/10/10 by Doug Graham or The Vibrant Diet by Dr David Klein. Both are available on Klein’s book is $9.99 for a Kindle version (that can be read on an iPhone) so you simply MUST spend the 3 hours doing this before changing your diet. Must must must.

OK ready? As you read my article you now understand that immune disorders start out as DIGESTIVE DISORDERS. A lot of DEPRESSION also stems from digestive issues as 70% of seratonin is manufactured in the gut. So to get to the root cause, and eliminate it, we are going to have to change our diets. Half measures or modifying my recommendations at this point probably won’t help, so really think things through.

Are you truly ready to be well again?

Is there anything you will do to feel better?

Are you ready to drop all the labels of sickness and be well again?

Let’s go!

A disclaimer. I am NOT a doctor. My recommendations come from what I did to heal myself of debilitating autoimmune issues that were stopping me from working. SLE Lupus, Depression, Fibromylagia and Arthritis were the flames on top of a lifetime of Chronic Fatigue. These recommendations may not work for everyone and are only for those too stubborn not to hire a coach. But I know many healing by doing this, so it’s worth the effort.

Happy family eating watermelon

So, although our monkey friends in the wild eat a wide variety of fruits, nuts and seeds and take no supplements, they didn’t impair their digestive systems with crappy food and antibiotics. Antibiotics are a big one. My symptoms escalated after 3 months of Doxy my MD put me on for Lyme. So, to heal we are going to start with foods that are easy on the digestive system AND use probiotics and amino acids to heal the gut damage you most likely have.

You will need to buy (and not from me)

1. Blender – best you can – Ninja/Blendtec fine. Check Costco, used online etc

2. Juicer – Hamilton Beech Big Mouth starts at $50 on

3. Primal Defense Probiotics or similar brand (check reviews on

4. L-Glutamine ( – get the big one) You can buy D-Ribose for an energy boost.

5. Garden of Life B12, D3 supps or similar brand.

FOR DEPRESSION: CALM Magnesium/Calcium for those with anxiety or depression. If you have gut issues it’s highly likely you aren’t absorbing Magnesium. SamE (buy Jarrow brand) or St John’s Wort (the latter interferes with birth control) can make a HUGE difference. Try both separately for 8 weeks. Some people claim Niacin helps, but it didn’t do much for me.

6. If possible run a BLOOD TEST with your PCP to make sure you don’t have any other underlying deficiencies such as Iron before starting out.

You are essentially going to create a simple healing plan based on easy to digest, high nutrient foods which will give your body a chance to heal over time.

Greens: All and any in juices and smoothies. Rotate. Only Romaine in salads.

Vegetables: All that you can tolerate raw. Chew well. So no broccoli or cauliflower as they are hard to digest. I stuck with cucumber and celery. Tomatoes trigger many people with autoimmune disorders, but we seem to love them. Leave them out while you are trying to heal.

Fruits: Sweet only: So bananas, (ripe with brown spots) melons, (any) papaya, blueberries, soaked dates for smoothies and apples. For now. You add the rest back one by one when you feel better.

Fats: avocados only, no more than one a day in a SALAD (not smoothie, no mixing fat and fruit)

Fallback: All raw is fastest healing but if you are trapped somewhere or dying for cooked food – steamed carrots, squashes and sweet potatoes only with no oil.

So here’s what I did:

1. On waking: 16oz distilled water (with concentrace mineral drops added – optional)

Flushes out the system.


2. Green juice time! Straight celery is great for poor digestion. You can mix in cucumber and any greens you may have. Green apples can cover the taste. Try to make 16-20oz of this green juice, as much as you can afford. Google “green juice recipe” if you need guidance. No cayenne or lemon. Irritants. Carrots/beets can be added here. Cabbage juice is very healing.

You will take your probiotics and vitamins now, and mix the glutamine into the juice. Only CALM should be taken at night in water.  Spread probiotics through the day.

Enfuses the system with nutrients. Have as many juices as you like though the day.

The rest of the day, choose one of the following but try and get 2 green smoothies in a day:

You should be eating around 2000 calories – track on

Melon or papaya, blended into a smoothie or in a big bowl. Must be eaten alone.

Green smoothie: Mix fruit, water and greens in a blender. Experiment. I like 4 bananas, 4 sticks of celery. Any green thing will do. Here are recipes: Romaine. Cacao/Carob can be added to make a chocolate shake. Berries can be added to make a fruity smoothie. Greens can be taken out for a sweeter smoothie but try to do as many with greens as you can, they help you heal! Although you will be eating a LOT of smoothies, you can learn to modify them so they all feel different.

Dinner: Green smoothie if you are really sick.

OR green soup such as this one: (leave out the peppers, spices, nuts and onions!)

OR well chopped and carefully chewed salad with romaine, apples, celery, cucumber and an avocado/lemon dressing.

OR steamed squash if you simply HAVE TO 😉

Drinks: Green juices, Distilled Water, Hot Water, Mint or herbal teas…. stay hydrated!

The key is to avoid all grains, all citrus and all legumes and nuts in this healing phase as they are ABRASIVE ON THE GUT. You will SET YOURSELF BACK. So if you want to cheat, that’s what the squash is for.

That’s it! Although it seems ultra simple, try this for a few weeks or a month and add other fruits back in slowly, monitoring how you feel. A month on mostly green smoothies can do MIRACLES for your health because it simply gives your digestive system a break without the hunger or potential deprivation that juice fasting can create. Do this AS LONG AS YOU CAN for best results. You owe it to your health.

Personally I left a LOT WORSE at first – because toxins were being cleared from my body along with the die off from non beneficial bacteria. Just keep flushing your system with water and a colonic can help. It was around 6-8 weeks that I felt better. 6 months to full remission.

For questions, please visit the FB group Vegan Fruitarians. 🙂

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