Reasons To Go Raw Vegan – By Vegan Fruitarians

We gave members of the Vegan Fruitarians Facebook group 24 hours to come up with on reason each to go raw. Here are the results! Post yours below…


Glowing skin!
The extreme “High on Life” feeling it comes with!
Healing toxicity in your body!
Extreme energy, vitality, and constant happiness!
Strong sense of intuition
No more GERD
It’s the natural way to eat
Easier weight control
You will feel better about yourself.
Helps you take control of bad eating habits.
To leave poor animals alone and let them live their one life!
No more burning my mouth on hot food (or burning food to the pan) tongue emoticon
Healing from all diseases of any kind, and enjoying a continuous sense of well-being.
I reversed my pre-cancerous cells!
My EBV is under control
Just one?! . Healing
To save time and money.
To curb fatigue!!!
No body odor
To heal constipation!!!!
Freedom from guilt
I don’t just wake up, I bounce out of bed. Got my fitness back as well. Energy galore!
You know what you are eating lol
No surprise wink emoticon
No more disgusting, greasy skillets to wash!
Raising spiritual vibrations heart emoticon
Being in harmony with nature.
Athletic performance….S The simplest and healthiest way to eat! smile emoticon
To feel alive and feel like yourself
To live life to the fullest
To never see a doctors office or have to take meds
To feel beautiful inside and out
To cure type 2 diabetes
To get into the flow and leave the matrix behind x
No more dirty pans smile emoticon
because I like fruits and veggies.
No calorie restriction!
The ridiculous volume of farting stops smile emoticon
Healing disease 🍌
Becoming more in tune with your body, nature, and the “source”. Random giggle fits.
You will burst with happiness! And learn so much about yourself…
No more constipation
Mental clarity
ENERGY! No headaches! Decreased monthly symptoms!
It means I will live another year
Energy🙃 and healthy glow
It’ll help heal your body AND the planet smile emoticon
Freedom from pain, disease and illness.
Knowing my meals don’t require taking a life, but instead brings vitality to my life.
Living closer to nature and how we are created to eat and live….See More
It’s real food, its freeing!
The joy and happiness that fills your life and living painfree
Raising your vibration!
It brings you from a life of surviving to a life of thriving.
Seeing and eating beautiful food and experiencing it’s beautiful effects.
Better sex.
Better digestion
Mental clarity
Clear eyes
Nature’s fast food
Healing, healing, healing.
Look radiant
Save cooking time
No more sinus!
Total body healing
Look younger
Feel & look better!
Healing of skin issues
No hot flashes, balanced hormones


Freedom from depression.
Sex drive through the roof
lol count me in!
You meet other amazing raw vegan people!
YES to all!!! And to say you were amongst those who started the revolution! And to be able to say with authenticity that you are part of the solution!
Clearer mind; less brain fog; not feeling like stress-induced Alzheimer’s!!!
Fighting processed food magnates and big pharma by eating healing foods.
Better sex.
Emotions are more leveled, less brain fog, and more energy!
Increased grooviness – getting my happy on. Meat makes me angry.
Self love! And to feel lighter!
To ENJOY life – even the crappy bits grin emoticon
Nice outlook on life
More spiritual awareness.
Easy menopause!
Muscle disease gone!
Feeling light
better smelling body odor
To heal chronic inflammation
Mental clarity!
The truth
To feel vibrant and your body including your cells, blood, everything just feels amazingly clean and pure!
Cleanse, detox and to be able to eat to live, not live to eat
The ONLY fast food
Higher vibration and transformation energy, feeling lighter and freer, feeling more radiant, experience the glow, as well as experiencing better health, so much healing.
Boundless energy!!!
To piss off all my friends and family

Get rid of candida
To become the real me!
Wait, what is this PMS thing that everyone who eats cooked food speaks of?
Great for managing mood and anxiety
Anti- inflammatory
Freedom from food addictions
Euphoric long distance running!
MS warrior and winning 🏽🏽🏽🏽 no meds
Decrease your carbon footprint, B green world!
Never felt this good🏽
Quality of life was my reason. Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!
because you can heal your own body and even some cancer heart emoticon i am in the process of healing my soul NOW . had 2 deaths in the family and fell back into old ways meats cheeses beer wine etc etc now i am back on track , and ready to feel amazing and energetic again + the body knows what it needs
You know for sure what’s in it. No labeling tricks needed to confuse the consumer.
Ward off diseases
Your saliva will taste delicious and everyone will want to make out with you


 Because coconuts dont get cancer!
To see Love and Be Love heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon
To save your life and your families lives. To save the animals and the planet. This is seriously life saving. So healing.
Evening out my hormones. I took halo-v a year and a half ago. I only took it a few times. Its a pro hormone, not a steroid. My testosterone is still a 6.6 (the scale for women tops out at 6.4)…. veganism will drop it back to normal.
the ultimate last resort
Energy like a teenager when you’re in your 50’s!!!

Anti-inflammatory, migraine, insomnia cure with clear happy mind, and satisfaction of not participating in the horror of animals raised for food.
Go beyond coping and thrive alive.
Feel like dancing!
The ultimate fast food–bananas


 My songwriting has even gotten better because I feel more connected to everything around me.
I have finally picked up the guitar. … I’ve been wanting to for years & always felt like I couldn’t learn it. I finally feel like that part of me is going to be set free & the songs will begin to flow.


 Reversed Type 2 diabetes
Awareness of all the beauty around me whereas before everything seemed gray.
Can whistle in-tune. Singing not so much. Lol
The only food humans are designed to eat
To make your body run at optimum levels.
To cure severe eczema and seizures!!
Reduce inflammation!
Health! Cures most diseases
Magical Powers!
Reverse the aging process

To get deeper into spirituality.
You can eat as much as you like…without guilt! On a high raw food diet it is very hard to over eat which contributes to weight loss and consequently your vibrant feeling of well being! “Nature” and all of its healing elements to give life to our mind, body and soul. Yes…I love living! xoxoxoxo
Finding the abundance of nature. Trying all the amazing and wonderful varieties of fruit all over the world! kiki emoticon
I am on day 6 100% raw. This morning i noticed my pouch on my stomach 1/2 way gone already
The best, most empowering Lifestyle for applying my Love and Respect to animals and Mother Nature…and for being the change I want to see in the world, even as I do it imperfectly A greater sense of clarity and introspection

 You will feel super human!
I don’t have to sniff test my work clothes any more!
my one reason would be for healing…all around healing.
Skin that tans in the sun.. and doesn’t burn!!! Being able to stay out in the sun for longer without worrying about sunburn!

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