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There are plenty of free resources including this site, but people often ask me what they could buy to get started on this journey.

I have compiled a database of things I have bought that helped me greatly in my journey. Enjoy! I think a few books and a good B12 and D3 supplement go a long way.

My Favorite Books:

Green For Life: Incredible research on the true diet of Chimpanzees, which is high in greens and flowers. The author teaches us that we can boost our health with “Green Smoothies” and does an impressive study on how they can improve health, even when people don’t change their diets completely.

Crohns & Colitis: Excellent plan for anyone with digestive issues. Cooked options available. Stresses the importance of sweet fruit for those trying to heal leaky gut.

Vibrant Diet: My favorite book on raw foods.

Eat To Live: The best information and research on why plant based diets are best for our health. A good transitional or cooked food option.

80/10/10: The classic book on raw foods. I disagree that we need large amounts of calories or that we don’t need to take supplements, but it has excellent information and menu ideas.

You Can Heal Your Life: Because we need to learn to be kind to ourselves also!

Mad Cowboy: Why I no longer eat meat or dairy.

Animals & The Afterlife: Amazing stories for animal lovers & author is a raw vegan!

Cleanse & Purify Thyself: For those interested in Colon Health


Supplements I take:

I take iodene from my local health store, but these items aren’t found in a raw vegan diet. Most meat eaters are deficient too, but that’s another story. Protect your long term health with these high quality supplements:

And I like these too:

Miscellaneous items that have helped me on my journey:


For Healthier Dogs:

I home cook for my guys now, but Dr Harvey’s has some amazing products that you add your own protein to. Add flax oil too!


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